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Sharing Knowledge on:
“Deception”- Shaikh Muhammad Mustafa, Clemson, SC (Friday after SM. aVishaa)
“Holding On To The Rope Of Allaah in Difficult Times”- Imam Dr. Ehteshamul Hague, Islamic Society of Greenville, SC larimariv 500 saki. vi-6vIr)
“The Primary Principles Of Rah”- Shaikh Abu 7aubah Mukhlis, Timbuktu Seminary, Greensboro, NC (after Sala.
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A Guide for New Muslims

The Goal and Motivation for Writing this BookThe goal of this work is to present the new Muslim with a basic guide that will help him understand and implement Islam. As already noted, the newly converted Muslim has set himself upon a new path that, most likely, is very different from the path that he was on before. The convert understands enough about Islam to recognize that it is the truth but he usually does not have enough detailed information about Allah’s religion to guide him in his everyday affairs.