What is Islam?
The word Islam literally means submission to the one God, the Creator, Allah. {SWT}
What does Islam mean to me?
To me, Islam is the Light I can see with. My way in this life, and my future life. Islam is the cure for my illness, the beauty of my eyes, the tranquility to my heart, the relief of my disaster, the hope that I live by to achieve what I want. Islam is what I can live with, and not without it. Otherwise, I am not living. Islam is the surrender of me in totality, inward and outward, to my Creator, Almighty Allah, knowing that there is no other or better choice. It is the surrender of the soul, the mind, the heart, with total conviction and love. It is a way to be honored when I am a slave to the Creator Almighty Allah, which gives me freedom from everyone and everything else. It is the highest blessing that Almighty Allah has blessed me with. Islam is for whosoever wants it, nevertheless everyone is called but it is only a few that answer the call. So all praise is due to Almighty Allah that by His favor, that we became Muslim. If it is not His will, we could not make it. So, Allah, Keep me in Islam as long as I stay in this life and cause me to die only in Islam. Ameen.