***RAMADAN SALE 2020***

Hurry for the sale of the year!  Sale ends 27th day of Ramadan! (or when stock runs out)

For a donation of $999.00 to Adly Publications you will receive:

Make Wudu & Salah Like The Prophet (English)144 Copies$3.00 each
Islamic Creed by Imam Tahawi120 Copies$5.00 each
200 Hadith for Muslim Women84  Copies$7.00 each
Bid’ah and Common Mistakes104 Copies$5.00 each
The Prohibition of Imitating the Opposite Sex100 Copies$2.00 each
40 Hadith for Islamic Scholl Part II84  Copies$6.00 each
The Book of Adab102 Copies$5.00 each
Islam Is (English)180 Copies$2.00 each
  • More than $5,000 worth of books by Sh. Muhammad S. Adly!
  • You will receive the following titles:

The total number of books you will receive is more than 1000 books!

Your cost will be less than a cup of coffee per book and less than the cost of printing a book

  • An opportunity to earn Sadaqa Jari’ah (ongoing charity)
  • An opportunity to help the Dawah program
  • An opportunity to help printing new books and promote a better understanding of the Deen
  • An opportunity to give a gift of knowledge to the Muslims in your or other community, Islamic Schools, Muslims in the prisons and non-Muslims understanding of the Deen

–  This price does not include shipping and handling!!! (Approx. $185.00)

– This offer is not for book sellers, only for individuals, Masjids, Islamic centers, and schools.

To order this package, please go to the book store by clicking on the “Book Store” menu item at the top of this page and then look for “Ramadan Sale 2020”

For more information about any of these books visit call 803-665-7010