The Messenger


This work entitled, “The Messenger” is meant to inform the unaware and to remind those who have forgotten the excellence, merit, description, special qualities, and important teachings of the last and greatest of Allah’s Messengers and the Seal of the Prophet’s.

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Unfortunately, in this day and age, and in certain parts of the world, more and more Muslims lack the requisite knowledge of these fundamentals. Faith, for many Muslims, has become a birthright and a culture inherited rather than a way of life to be actively studied and applied. Consequently, the delight of Allah’s worship, the beauty of Allah’s religion, and the virtue of Allah’s Messenger are not fully appreciated by Muslims by and large.

It is my desire to do my part in reviving these essential feelings in the heart of every Muslim. I feel it particularly important to make Muslims aware of the great gift we have in Allah’s Messenger and the guidance he left for his followers in His Sunnah.


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