The Prophet (saw) offered us many warnings regarding different forbidden and disliked issues. Some of these things had to do with worldly things while others had to do with religious matters and matters that had to do with a Muslim’s foundational principles in religion.

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The Prophet (saw) used different rhetorical and linguistic devices to deliver and illustrate various proscriptive injunctions; some of these proscriptive injunctions were introduced using particular cautionary words, such as إِيّاكم (iyyaakum), which means to “beware of” something. Another linguistic choice the Prophet r utilized to convey his injunctions was the negatory and prohibitive article لا (laa), which means “don’t” or “no.”

This book compiles many of the Prophetic injunctions that include these two linguistic devices: إِيّاكم (iyyaakum) and لا (laa). The book starts with the Arabic text followed by its English translation and hadith source and classification. After that, the book lists a few lessons, some of which are directly derived from the hadith in question, while others are relevant to the subject that the hadith addresses.


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