A Word-for-Word Study of the Qurʾān: Juzʾ 30, Section 3/3


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This book is the third part of a 3-part series for teaching the last juzʾ of the Noble Qur’an. Juzʾ ʿAmma is the thirtieth and last juzʾ of the Qur’an, and it is named ʿAmma after the first word of the first surah (chapter) of this juzʾ.  With the exception of three, all surahs in this juzʾ are generally accepted to be Makki, (revealed before the Prophet’s r migration to Madīnah).  The three suwar (plural of “surah”) in this juzʾ that are Madani (revealed after the Prophet’s migration to Madīnah) are al-Bayyinah (98), az-Zalzalah (99), and an-Naṣr (110).

The focus of Makki suwar is primarily towards establishing the ʿAqīdah (belief) in the oneness of Allah and Resurrection. The themes of the suwar revolve around establishing the inevitability of Resurrection, and consequently the rewards for the believers and the punishment awaiting the disbelievers. The Makki suwar also recount the events of past nations and the consequences of their actions. These suwar are distinguished for their short, forceful, and rhyming ayahs (verses).

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