40 Hadith for Islamic Schools: Part 2 (eBook)


Forty Ĥadīth For Islamic Schools Part 2 is the second part to Forty Ĥadīth For Islamic Schools Part 1.



Forty Ĥadīth For Islamic Schools Part 2 is a collection of selected aĥādīth from the sayings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the teacher and the leader of all humanity, collected by the slave servant of Allāh, Abul Ăbādilah Muhammad S. Ădly. The intent is that this collection will be of value to the students of the Islamic schools in America. I did my best to select short aĥādīth, which will make it easier on the students to memorize and understand. It is written in an easy way to read, accompanied by brief explanations and activities and word-for-word translations. I did my best to make this collection cover the subject of Targhīb and Tarhīb (Hope and Fear).  I have only included in this collection authentic aĥādīth.



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